Pioneer log# 7

Day #49

Found this weird data-key on my way to cargo dock today. Im no specialist but after a quick look what’s inside i found out its full of some password protected files. Normally i wouldn’t even bother to pick up that data-key from the ground but here… on Etherwind… Right now those protected files are only thing I can kill some time with. Jake will know what do to with the password – He’s good with that kind of things.

Pioneer 87 -End of log.

Pioneer log# 6

Day #42

-Something dodgy i going on for sure!Couple of days back, I’ve heard that our ships no longer stop at Benten station. At first i thought that’s just bollocks! Where else could they go? But the rumours are true, ships are taking off fully-loaded and the trips are longer too… Interesting thing is that we’re still getting all the supplies from somewhere…

I’ll sign up on some cargo-loading shifts, closer to the pilots.

Pioneer 87 -End of log.

Pioneer log# 5

Interview with one of the Etherwind workers who got promoted thanks to a strange incident.


-Can You tell us Your name and what exactly happened?


-Well, for now, you can call me Mr A. and I should begin with a little background story about myself to aid the reader with understanding who I am… So I come from a small 

#[keeping the reader’s sanity in mind redactor decided to omit 55 minutes of Mr A. waffling]#

-and the funniest thing about it was that

#[more redacted oral diarrhoea]#

…and applied for a Supervisor position on one of the undeveloped planets.


-Lets skip the background for next one, tell us about the incident now.

Mr A.:

-Right! Yes, I suppose it’ll be adequate to say that it was a typical busy day, just like any other on Etherwind frankly. One of the pilots requested a TOTOC, if you’re not from the industry it means: Take-off-to-orbit clearance, which needs to be done by a highly skilled and experienced personnel, as I mentioned already I was very busy but since I was the best choice for that job, I decided to help my fellow pilot and went inside cargo to inspect systems for clearance. First check is the ejection charges…

Reporter: (interrupts impatiently)

-The hatch closes with you inside the cargo!! …start from here please.

Mr A.:

-Yes! Indeed! Thank you for stopping Me from telling the company’s classified procedures!


My pleasure!

Mr A.:

-The cargo latch closed and trapped me inside with 14 metric tons of segregators and papers, all I have with me is my lunchbox and radio -which is useless inside shielded cargo for classified transport like that one. I swiftly realised that no one will be able to help me.


-That sounds scary, did you panic?

Mr A.:

-Oh no, not at all! I’ve been trained to preserve cold blood in every situation and plan my way out. I Started reading through all the documents to find any information to help me in my situation.


-That’s a lot of reading for one person! 

Mr A.:

-Yes, as a matter of fact It did seem strange to me at first, that i was able to read through 14 tons of documents in one go, but then i got hungry and decided to do my lunch break inside the cargo, after that i started reading everything again in case i missed anything that might help me, next thing i know, is shaking and rumbling of station docking. Once I got out to the Benten station I dash to the toilet, that’s where I saw a poster with an expert position test. Now, the nature of my toilet visit was lengthy so to speak, therefore i took the test to kill some time as the pleb would say, interesting to me was that most questions regarded what i’ve read in the cargo.


-Whaa… a.. What about the anomaly that the pilot reported?! You didn’t see anything?

Mr A.:

-Anomaly!? Uhmm…, AH Yes! No I haven’t…


-Thank you for sharing your amazing story Mr A.

Mr A.:

-You are welcome, and if you’d like to hear more about my life let me know and we might…

(Reporter starts running…)


Pioneer log# 4

Day #31

The day of the first end-of-the-planetary-month meeting between Pioneers and Management. After we brought up the issues with increased injuries on pioneers knees and elbows due to higher extraction efficiency (All credits to Mr A. obviously…) Management give announcement…

Everyone was happy to hear that every uniform will be equipped with a “comfortable” padding from now on and to show appreciation to everyone’s efforts, the rations will be up-scaled with a caffeinated drink!

-Future on this planet looks slightly brighter!

Pioneer 87 -End of log.

Pioneer log# 3

Day #23

Next week it’s a month that i’m here. The situation is more or less stable. Teams have divided into small communities around their resource buildings, soon it might lead to conflicts between them as to whose role is more vital for the company.

I’m trying to stay out of it and do my job… but that’s not enough to avoid envious looks from other people when ur a H2O rigger. I feel that I’m too old for this drama, life’s already difficult with Mr A. waffling on your head all day long. Im seriously considering transfer to Flight crew. Work is much harder there but at least no one is bothering you…

Pioneer 87 -End of log.

Pioneer log# 2

Day #15

Just when you think it’s getting better, despite the delay on building materials and job payment, rigs and extractors finally work.  And what does your company do? – They send a supervisor, goes by the name Mr A. Real a-hole, arrogant and posh.  This guy was a pain to everyone’s back until something weird happened…

Pilot asked him to do a cargo check before the ship takes off, at the same time someone accidentally sent take-off clearance and gave the bloke a 30-hours trip inside a cargo to Benten. Hope his bourgeoisie-ass gets used to the conditions.

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